My tits like a good workout just like my body does. This is a pic of them right after a workout. Yes they are sweaty, bouncy and real. Feel free to reach out and touch them, they enjoy a good squeeze. Hehe




I love this picture my friend Reyna took after I told her I loved her big boobs. The best part of working in the adult industry is the friends you make. It doesn’t hurt they are all freaking hot too. Lucky me!!!  Check her out at her website or on Streamate at

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I love my thongs!!! Here’s a couple pics of my booty for your viewing pleasure. I am going to start to make daily blogs but not sure what to do for Sunday’s. Perhaps make it Stocking’s Sunday. Let me know if you have an idea for it. I would love to hear what you want to see me post.

dsc03017 (1)


dsc03017 (10)

If you said me than you are right. You all know how much I have always loved bondage and fetish. I thought what better site to cam on then a fetish site. So I will be on there a few days a week and I plan to do more days than nights. I need to learn to be a daytime person and not always be up all night and sleep all day. It’s not good for me and I feel like I missed out on things. So look for me at 

I am getting tired of people thinking they need to SAVE those of us in the adult industry. Despite what people say, most of us are not victims. We chose to be in this industry and we like what we do. I am tired of people acting like there is something wrong or illegal woting in this industry. We don’t deserve the disrespect of judging a-holes that don’t like what we do. If you don’t support the industry then leave us alone. Don’t follow us on social media, don’t buy our products and don’t attend our shows like AVN. Its pretty damn simple.


Picture 44

I am loving the indy cam sites. The people have been awesome and no free chat is amazing. I’m not saying I won’t be on a large cam site again but this break was very much needed. Below are the cam site options that you can chose from. They all have the payment options, rates and what I do in my shows listed on their sites.


NITEFLIRT – NiteFlirt is a phone and cam site. You must call and use the phone with each cam show or you can do phone only if you like. They charge per minute via the phone call. You also have to use Skype or Yahoo for cam shows, since they don’t have a built in cam platform yet. The link to my different phone and cam options is

REALTOUCH – RealTouch is a new cam site that is pretty damn cool and you can find my profile at We each have a device and anything I do on my device you feel on yours. This site calls their shows dates and I have several different packages that you can choose from. There is also a custom option where you can create your own date/show. You can buy a device at and the promo code for $50 off should be listed on their already. If not it’s JANEBURGESS50

CAMMODELDIRECTORY – This is my newest indy cam site but it is already a blast. I love how sinple it is to schedule and pay for a show. It’s all listed on the same page so there isnt any confusion. You can check out my profile at and the cam options are listed under “latest items listed” I will also be selling panties and other stuff on there as well.

GIRLSPRIVATECAM – This is another cool indy site that is easy to pay on. It lists the type of shows I’ll do and the rates as well. I love that I can list block sessions, which I love. The longer the naughtier!!! My profile is at



With a sad heart I am announcing that I will not be camming on Streamate anymore after this week. I did think long and hard about this and the reality is I am just not happy on there anymore and haven’t been for a long time. I really don’t understand why good sites feel the need to change their concept and go in a different direction. They didn’t need to bring in Gold shows, allow topless nudity in free chat, allow you to sell video and picture sets, etc. If I wanted that I would have signed up to MFC and not Streamate. All that stuff has done is bring in horrible traffic that is super cheap and REALLY, REALLY rude people. I can’t even call them customers because a majority don’t spend a damn dime on the site. They just lurk and are freeloaders.

Plus I don’t appreciate any site setting up profiles of me on dating sites and saying I want to hook up with you in person. Ummm NO I DON”T. People actually believe that and contact me off Streamate for dates and sex. I did not sign up for that not did I give permission to impersonate me. The affiliates have made fake Twitter and FB pages of me and have contact customers via Skype saying they are me. I’m just sick that this happens and so many guys are getting ripped off by these fakers.

So I plan to do some indy sites and try out a couple of other cam sites and see if I like them. I will post their links tomorrow on here so you can check them out. Frankly on Indy sites I can charge more reasonable rates and I get a lot bigger percentage.

I have to say 2013 has been flying by. I remember that I couldn’t wait for summer and now I am super excited for Halloween. You all know how I LOVE to decorate my yard and house for Halloween, hell for any holiday. I need to get more zombies and yard decorations though. If you see any cool yard decorations that I might like, let me know. My e-mail addy is How I have to find a costume. Here are a few pics from prior Halloween’s and what I wore for them. Any costume idea’s?

DSC_7550 DSC_7877


SO sorry I haven’t posted much. I will be sure to post on here a few times a week. Need to add the app to my phone and then you will HATE how much I post. LOL  I will post some new pics tomorrow and share what I have been up to. :)



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Spending some time in the pool with my German Shepherd before going on cam. Check me out at


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